Mount Bromo ijen blue flame tour package 3 days 2 nights

mount bromo sunrise and ijen blue flame tour package in 3 days 2 nights star form surabaya or malang and banyuwangi

bromo ijen blue flame tour package

Mount Bromo ijen blue flame tour package 3 days 2 nights

fancy the majestic mountainous views and exploring craters, It‘s highly recommended which you visit two of the very most fabulous and phenomenal tourism spots in East Java. We provide you Mount Bromo Ijen blue flame tour Package covering mount Bromo, Ijen crater-Blue Flame in 3 days and 2 nights. These three tourism destinations are just among the foremost breathtaking destinations that you ought to include with your wish collection of your annual vacation. This type of tour package is extensively recognized among local and international tourists, especially throughout the school holidays. For people who have never visited any of those natural gems, you may be amazed from the natural beauty that each poses.

The Ijen crater tour has distinctive interest, which is well recognized from the mining activities conducted by locals. You are able to encounter the spectacular mining process and that is made by using only limited tools and also the sulphur and that is delivered right coming from the bottom from the crater by foot. The quantity of time needed to finish Mount Bromo Ijen Crater blue flame tour Package is much more or less five hours. The distance coverage, though it might be rather far and exhaustive, won‘t make tourists disappointed to reach exploring both of these tourism objects.

While Bromo is so popular to its active crater, the beauty of sunrise from hiking view point, the vast sea of sand, and this is referred to as whispering sand, and also the savanna, and this is referred to as Teletubbies’ hill, Ijen crater has one lake with green and bluish color posed by its water which appears so breathtaking, when viewed from Mount Ijen. Each morning, when sunlight hits the lake right near Ijen crater, you‘ll see the water appears blue and exhibits a very fabulous view. Equally fascinating is that the view spotted all around the lake throughout the night. During this type of time from the day, we will see one spectacular natural phenomenon, and that is referred to as Blue Flame.

This fire is believed to become generated from the sulphur burned beneath the crater. Posing fantastic and incredibly rare beauty, Blue Flame is popular worldwide. However, you have to be sure that you may cope well using the cold. Having a temperature of only 10 degrees Celsius over, the hike to Ijen crater will surely pose challenging experience for you. Down the route towards the crater, you‘ll encounter numerous rare plants, such like the Edelweis and pines which may be easily spotted. If you‘re in the least curious about disassembling the hike towards the crater, you will need to start the trip from Paltuding. This is really the entrance to Ijen crater. Mount Bromo Ijen blue flame tour is really a 3-day-2-night tour.

The tour will commence in Surabaya or Malang to Bromo Tourism Resort where you may be guided to start out the tour to Ijen crater and lastly stop at Ketapang harbour, or head to Surabaya or Malang.

bromo ijen blue flame tour package

Itinerary of Mount Bromo Ijen blue flame tour Package in 3 Days and 2 Nights

Well, when you have made your mind and able to bail out to start out your Bromo Tour Package Ijen Crater-Blue Flame, you have better understand the details from the tour package. First, here will be the details from the tour timeline.

Day 1 : Surabaya / Malang to Bromo Tourism Resort
The trip is started from Surabaya or Malang. You are able to choose to become picked up either in the airport or train station.
Afterward, you may be directed right towards the Bromo Tourism Resort. The trip towards the resort will use to approximately 3. 5 hours.
If you get reached the resort area, you‘ll check in at perhaps one of the hotels located close to the resort, then you are able to have free program in the hotel you finally choose.
Day 2 : View Point in the Bromo Sunrise Hiking Spot – Bromo Tour – Ijen Crater Tourism Resort
The next day‘s Bromo sunrise Tour Package Ijen Crater-Blue Flame is started by hiking.
The Sunrise Tour hike is started coming from the hotel you‘ve checked in at 3 : 30 am. You may be picked up using a jeep which will require you all of the method to the view point where one can benefit from the spectacular sunrise, Bromo Sunrise.
The highest from the view point is the foremost beautiful spot like the view point to benefit from the sunrise. Right as a result point, you‘ll see panoramic view of mount Bromo perfectly. You are able to begin to see the choice of hills and fields under.
In fact, you are able to only have this type of fascinating experience when the conditions are friendly. After you‘ve done enjoying the view of Bromo sunrise, you are able to go right all the way down to Bromo’s sea of sand by Bromo jeep to the most destination, Mount Bromo.
Coming from the parking area of Bromo jeep, you have to continue the trip on foot towards the crater of Mount Bromo. Just in case you cannot result in the walk, you are able to have an alternative by renting horse.
There will be lots of horses offered to bring you around Bromo tourism resort. If you get had enough enjoying the view of Mount Bromo, you are able to go exploring the crater of Mount Bromo. You are able to go onto the savanna, Teletubies’ hill, and also the Whispering Sand.
At the conclusion of your respective trip at Mount Bromo, the jeep will require you to the hotel for breakfast, shower, and packing. While you finish packing your stuff, you will want to examine coming from the hotel and begin to Ijen Crater.
The trip to another destination will require 5 hours by car. Reaching subsequent destination, you can examine in at hotel and possess some rest before you decide to continue subsequent tour.
Day 3 : View Point Bromo Sunrise Hike – Bromo Tour – Ijen Crater Tourism Resort
On the 3rd day‘s Bromo Tour Package Ijen Crater and Blue Flame, you have to start the tour at 01 : 00 am to visit Ijen Crater. This is actually the perfect time for them to spot the well-recognized Blue Fire.
You‘ll reach the Paltuding entrance at 2 : 00 am. Right as a result point, you‘ll continue foot hiking Mount Ijen for about 3 Km with tour guide who will require one to the location of Blue Fire in the bottom of Ijen Crater.
After enjoying the Blue Fire phenomenon, you are able to go to the highest of Ijen crater to discover the night view of Ijen crater from above, where one can begin to see the overall crater adorned by Blue Fire.
At the conclusion of tour, you are able to go to the hotel and begin your trip to Surabaya or Malang, which can take more or less 7 hours. That‘ll be finished of your respective Mount Bromo Ijen blue flame tour Package.

Facilities of bromo sunrise blue flame ijen crater tour :

Private transport with AC, driver and fuel during the tour
A little English speaking driver
2 Nights accommodation
Daily mineral water
Meals : 2 x Breakfast
Coffee break in Pananjakan sunrise view point
Local guide for ijen crater
Private Jeep 4 WD for Mount Bromo Sunrise tour
Entrance ticket Fee for bromo and ijen crater tour
Savana Hill and Whispering Sand tour
Excluded :
Madakaripura Waterfall
English speaking tour guide (custom order)
Horse riding at Mt. Bromo
Travel insurance and personal expense
All Lunch and dinner

Mount Bromo ijen blue flame tour package 3 days 2 nights